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This page outlines my facebook group rules and you should read this entire page before requesting admission to any of my facebook Support Groups. Of course, facebook has its own extensive set of rules and policies that affect your use of the social media giant as a whole (you should read those too). These rules are a simple addendum that applies only to the groups I operate, manage, and administer. (Updated: December 6, 2019.)

I really don't like rules at all and I wish I didn't need these. The people that take the time to read them probably don't need them anyway and those who need them never seem to read. Blah! But at least I don't have to feel bad when I ban a spammer from the group! And that's what I will do. Spammers, and others who don't follow these rules, are banned as soon as they are discovered -- permanently and without recourse. Don't bother trying to tell me, "But I didn't know!"

Since some of my groups get as many as 50 to 100 new member requests, or more, per day I don't have the time, nor the interest, in researching every person who asks to join. In most cases I will decline membership to those who seem, in my judgement and for one reason or another, to be spammy. That may not actually be fair but it has cut spamming by over 90% and, for me, that IS fair!

My groups are intended as a safe place to share, explore, engage, discuss, and seek help. You can disagree, take exception, argue your point, but don't get personal about it. The main point is to ask questions, provide answers, share on-topic information, and help each other.

For those groups that provide questions to be answered before your request to access the group is approved, you must answer at least the first question, or respond to the first option, or your access will be declined. Providing your email is entirely optional. If you join multiple groups you only need to provide your email (if you wish) one time. You must still answer the first question or option. Even a simple "no" or "no thank you" will suffice.

These are some of the best groups on facebook and it has little to do with me. It is the wonderful members (like YOU!) who read the rules, follow them, and participate when they can. Together, we all win. Thank you!

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My Facebook Group Rules

Having this single page of rules for all my groups means I can easily update them in one place. And there will probably be updates so check back from time to time. Your comments are welcomed below...

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