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The Stephen B. Henry Public Blog contains a wealth of information open to members and non-members alike. While there is significantly more content, on a wider range of topics, in the Members Only Blog, this blog gets regular updates, providing an ever-growing resource of topical information you can use as you build your business, grow your online presence, and develop your own mindset, philosophy, and personal success.

Changing Your Life

Most people will tell you that they have at least one wish or desire to change something about their life. What may be strange is

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A Father’s Wisdom

In 1980, Alan Alda, the actor, spoke at his older daughter’s commencement at Connecticut College. The words he spoke were those of a loving father

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FOCUS - Follow One Course Until Successful

Let’s Talk Focus

There is a lot of advice floating around the Internet. A lot of it originates with high paid gurus. Sometimes it comes through unfiltered. Sometimes

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Light Bulb Dichotomy

The simple light bulb is often used to symbolize the concept of an idea. Perhaps that comes from the notion of the light turning on

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