GoDaddy, billed as the world's #1 domain registrar, is launching its own online marketplace in direct competition with the marketplace giant eBay. GoDaddy will charge sellers $4.99/month (2 month minimum) for a marketplace account with unlimited listings, and a 10% commission on all sales transactions. The company, known as a place for domain-name registration and web-hosting services, will also provide processing for customer payments by credit card.

As posted on the website, "Go Daddy Marketplace is a secure, online shopping venue that provides a common storefront for GoDaddy customers to promote and sell their products, and shoppers access to purchase products through a community shopping cart. Vendors can create a shop, and manage products and orders via the Marketplace Manager. Shoppers can browse, conduct searches, and purchase products from a variety of vendors."

In order to open a GoDaddy Marketplace account the vendor must have a credit card. Vendors issuing refunds will receive a return of only 70% of the original commission charged. Orders with credit-card chargebacks will be subject to a $25 fee and the original commission fee will not be refunded. Be sure to visit the site for more details. The GoDaddy Marketplace is scheduled to open sometime in January 2009.