I recently commented on a comment to a facebook post about not being ready to blog yet, "Get started now. It will make a huge difference in your coming success." Your website should certainly be the foundation of your online presence, and starting as soon as you can (Now!) is the first most important factor that will affect it all going forward.

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Your Website

Additionally, in my travels, I see a lot of other people's websites (if you post a link where I can see it, I will typically take a few seconds to check it out).

If you have a website, there are a number of concepts that you should be aware of. I am going to touch on a few of them in this, and in subsequent posts.

Everyone doing business on line (or just building a personal presence) should have a website. "Why?" you might ask. After all, you access the Internet using your phone and websites don't always look very good on phones. And, when you get right down to it, facebook is the part of the Internet you usually (always?) view. "Websites," you say, "don't do anything for me!"

OK. I understand. And, while about 52% of people access the Internet through their smart phone, that means about 48% don't. Can you afford to ignore 48% of the 4.5 billion people globally who access the Internet?

Additionally, keep in mind that many of those smart phone users have computers at work or at home from which they also access the 'net.

Your website (you have one, right?) should be the focus and the foundation of your online presence. Where ever possible you should link social media posts to the content on your website, not the other way around. Any social media platform can change their rules or even disappear over night and leave you stranded if that platform was the sum total of your business online.

You can do far better SEO on your own website. You don't have to be an SEO geek, either. SEO is not rocket science. Anyone can learn to do enough SEO to get their website to page one of Google!

You can blog on your website. Your blog posts will be indexed. And you can get them to page one. This post won't likely get there no matter how well I write it for search engines.

And, depending on the website platform you choose, you can do pretty much anything you can imagine or dream of with your site. Try that on facebook or Pinterest, or any other social media platform and see how things go!

So, based on the premise that everyone reading this either has, or wants, a website, or is at least curious, watch for my follow up posts on the things you need to make your website work for you. And to get started with your own online presence, Click Here!

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