From The Worldwide Brands website:

"Over the years our team of dropshipping experts have compiled our drop ship directory and our volume wholesale directories from hours of research and hard work. If you are a home business entrepreneur and looking to start an online store (sometimes mistakenly called a dropship business) then finding true dropship suppliers and wholesale suppliers that will work with online retailers can be very difficult. But rest assured, getting started selling wholesale dropship products has never been easier. Start wholesale dropshipping today!

"Our dropshipper list and wholesale list of pre-qualified wholesale dropshippers and volume wholesalers is your source for millions of products you can sell for profit. Simply find the products you want to sell in our dropship directory or our light bulk wholesale directory and start selling online at eBay or your online store today."

There are good sources of wholesale suppliers and even good drop shippers out there. They are just hard to find. One of the sites that, in my experience, provides good quality resources is World Wide Brands. The site provides answers to the questions, "What do I sell online?", "Where do I get it?", and "How to sell it?". To some they may seem a little costly at $299.00 for life time membership but when you consider what they offer, and the time you could spend looking for your right source, they are probably one of the better investments you will make in your business success.

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