I was just informed this evening by one of my clients that she had received an email indicating Woo Canvas support discontinued*. I've had a love affair with this theme for several years now. I use it on all of my own websites and with most of my clients. There was just nothing else close. It is sad, a little like losing a long-time love of your life, to think that Woo Canvas will eventually be now more. The good news is there is something to replace it and it may be even better!

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Woo Canvas Support Discontinued Opens Door To 18Tags Pro

It is too soon for me to give my 100% stamp of approval on this yet, but I have used Pootlepress products before and know them to be excellent. They were also fans of Canvas and built several extensions to add the few features it was missing. It's only natural that they should step in the a replacement for the venerable Canvas theme.

The video above shows many of the features added by the Pro option. I'll be offering a wickedly affordable price to my clients (and anyone who wants to be one) to upgrade from Canvas to 18Tags Pro so if you need to make this switch be sure to contact me. Below is a little more about the theme itself. You can also find all about it HERE.

Remember, if you are thinking of buying this, talk to me first.

* Please note, as of publication date/time of this post I have not been able to confirm this either through WooThemes, WordPress or Automattic. They seem to be mum on the subject. It has been reported by other reliable sources, though. I will update this post as I learn more.

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