There are a number of emails circulating among the PLR lists today that paraphrase the original that had in the subject line, "Never Rewrite Your PLR". This original email got picked up, rewritten, and used as content (and promotion) by numerous affiliates. Wow. It really got legs with everyone jumping on the band wagon. Everyone, it seems, except me.

The original email clearly underscored the argument with:

"One of the pieces of advice that I just cannot tolerate is people who say you have to REWRITE your PLR to use it. Whaaaa? You've paid your hard-earned money to get someone else to do the grudge work. Why would you go through the laborious task (or pay someone else to do it) of rewriting it and really, diluting the power of the original content? That's just nonsense."

The email goes on to offer several good ideas for, instead, "customizing" your PLR and, more importantly, being more "effective" in your content marketing plan. This latter bit is good -- indeed, great -- advice but, at the risk of not being tolerated -- and let me make it clear, I am a satisfied customer of this PLR resource and several others, and hope to continue to be so -- let me take an opposing position to the former statement.

First of all, let me post the question, "You do read your PLR before deploying it, right?" If not, you surely should. What if it has something in paragraph five you don't agree with? What if, in spite of the competence of the source, there is an error -- a typo, a serious grammar issue, something technically wrong -- are you going to rest your reputation on something you didn't bother to read? I hope not.

So, if you are going to read it first anyway, it takes little or no effort to spot words, and even constructions, you wouldn't normally use and then replace them with ones you would. That's called re-writing in your own voice. It's really quite easy and you can do it almost as fast as just reading it. It's just changing a few things that don't sound like you as your are reading through for the first time.

Next, remember, PLR is not custom content. It isn't written exclusively for you. It is offered for sale to many people and could be purchased, and deployed, by hundreds or even thousands. You will not likely be the only one. Some PLR sellers limit the number of items sold but even then it is still 100 or more and, in those more exclusive situations, the price is often higher and the purchaser more likely to actually use the content. The point is, it gets out there in more than one place -- more than just your website or blog.

You may not care about this. After all, how many people will see any one article in more than one place? And even if they did, would they care? Probably not. But YOU should. Because your post, and every other post with the same, or vary similar, content will be indexed and compared by Google, and that may severely affect your ranking -- not only for this one article, but perhaps for your entire site. It may be considered duplicate content and that's not the best of things!

So, embrace all the additional "customizing" factors presented in that original email, things like:

These are all good things and there are certainly others you may think of -- though some of them probably amount to re-writing at least to some extent. None-the-less, even with these things added in, the larger blocks of original content from the PLR should be re-written to some degree. You can't have to change the nature of it. You don't need -- or want -- to re-organize paragraphs or spin the text through one of the many infamous tools for the task. It's not about that kind of change. It's just putting your own take on it.

Your own voice; your take. That will do it. At least that's my opinion.

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