Are you creating a website for a new business? You may be wondering which is the best choice – a website or a blog. You do not need to worry. The answer is not difficult. It does not have to be website vs blog. There is a different answer to consider. This post will help you decide how to make the right choice. It is important to consider your business goals and needs.

#1 Business Model And Purpose

Yes, both websites and blogs, particularly a WordPress site, can support just about any type of business model. That is comforting to know. WordPress developers have created plug-ins that can turn any WordPress blog into an e-commerce site, a membership site and more. There are extensive options and choices available to you. This does not have to be a difficult process. Ask for help if you are unsure. There are many knowledgeable coaches available.

However, it can be confusing, even with help. These plug-ins and add-ons can seem to be more of a hassle than they are worth. Finding the right plug-in may be a trial and error process. A simple blog is likely the better choice if your business model relies on the publishing of timely information. However, if your business is meant to sell a product or service, then a website may be a better choice. Sometimes you will need both. You need to choose carefully when it comes to website vs blog. There is much to consider.

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#2 Maintenance And Time

How much time do you have to devote to the upkeep and maintenance of your business? A blog still relies on consistently publishing content. You do not have to blog every day or several times a day, despite contrary rules about blogging you might have heard. However, people who subscribe to blogs, and search engines too, do expect regular installments of new content. You can schedule your posts in order to make posting easier. However, it does require a bit more maintenance on your end. A website can be left alone for a month or two without any issues.

#3 Personality and ease of use

Some of your decision will be based on your personality, thus you will consider the format you prefer to use. A blog is very easy to update and utilize. You may need help to find, install and set up the right plug-ins. You may also need help customizing a theme or adding a custom header however, by and large, blogs are very easy to use.

Websites can be trickier for some. That being said, many website developers and design software make the user interface quite simple. You can modify pages and add content without needing to learn or understand a design language.

#4 Goals

You can have both a blog and a website. They will work well together. A website sells. A blog drives traffic and brands the business. A blog can speak to a niche within your niche. For example, General Motors has a main website. They also have a blog that is basically car talk. It is for car enthusiasts, while it is run by a head honcho at GM. He loves cars. The blog helps brand General Motors and it connects prospects and customers to the business. Your blog can build a community in exactly the same manner. You should keep that in mind as you consider your options. You have a significant number of available choices.

Website Vs Blog - The Answer?

Your option is not just website vs blog. You have choices. You have lots of choices. Before you make a decision about whether a blog or a website is right for you, consider the points outlined above. Ask yourself these questions. What is the purpose of your site? What will offer the best customer experience? What will be easiest for you to use and maintain? Finally, ask yourself this. What will best help you achieve your goals? You may find that your best answer is a website and a blog -- either separate or combined. Keep this in mind as an option too. You can make a choice but you should make the one that is best for you.

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