One of the reasons Internet marketing and ecommerce have been such a success story is because it has allowed unprecedented levels of focused and targeted marketing. Unlike traditional advertising, which can be defined as a scattershot approach, niche marketing allows much more precise messaging. You can get into the minds of your customers to offer them the kinds of products and services they are eager to buy. How do you know? Because your prospective customers are ALREADY looking for you.

That's right; the ideal customers in your niche are already looking for you when they type a query into a search engine, social network, or Amazon. They are all looking for solutions to their most pressing problems in their niche. If you research your niche carefully, you should be able to present them with exactly the kinds of items they are looking for. That is targeted marketing.

You might be worried, however, that you are coming late to the game by just starting your own business now, and that the market might be saturated. Or, you might have been in business for a while but your results have failed to match your expectations. How can you rise about the ‘noise’ of an overly competitive marketing niche? Doing so is pretty straight forward and there are several other previous posts in this blog category that go over the details. I encourage you to read back over them if you have not read them already. Or, perhaps you need a refresher. Targeted marketing is an on-going process, not just a one time flash in the pan.

In this guide we want to dispel the myth of a saturated market and help you market more effectively even in a competitive niche. Let’s look first at why there is really no such thing as a saturated niche market.

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