Do you have pretty, perhaps even a beautiful, website that just isn't performing the way you expect it to? Don't let a pretty website be your downfall. There is nothing wrong with "pretty" by itself. But if it is by itself it will likely under perform and you will be left to wonder why!

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Don't Let A Pretty Website Be Your Downfall

Don't let "pretty" be the downfall of your wonderful content. Pretty is OK, but you need to deliver your substance. People need to stay on your site long enough, and explore deep enough, to understand the quality and value of what you offer.

Eben Pagan, a top global marketing expert says in order to keep your visitors long enough for this to happen, your website should immediately (in 3 to 5 seconds, without scrolling) answer these 3 questions:

• Who is it?
• What's it about?
• What do I get?

The answer I get for each of them on many websites is "I don't know!" or "I can't tell!" -- at this point most visitors just leave and check the next site in the search engine return pages (SERPs).

The difficulty in designing our own website, or using a web designer that doesn't understand marketing, is we likely get a beautiful website that actually serves us poorly. We discover we need more than just "pretty" or "beautiful". There is a necessary structure that must be skillfully woven into the fabric of our website. It goes beyond "pretty" and "beautiful, but it can work hand in hand with beauty to get the job done.

Beauty, on its own, won't do it. The right structure on its own will. Beauty AND the right structure, together, will do it beautifully!

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