I was recently introduced to this book by a friend and I am sincerely thankful that he took the time to mention it to me. Networking Like A Pro, sub-titled: Turning Contacts into Connections, should be the number one book on your shelf (and in your hands!) on the topic of networking. If you read no other this should be the one you do.
Dr. Ivan Misner, and his co-authors and collaborators David Alexander, and Brian Hilliard, shows us the key networking techniques required to grow your business in today's person-to-person world. The book shows us how to reach out to quality prospects, to leverage our contracts in the right way, and to convert referrals into long term clients. Misner teaches us a methodology for tracking our success as we move forward in the process.

The book is full of powerful network strategies, and concepts not often seen, that will lift you above the throng. Misner divulges a proven success track that will take the average networker to the height of mastery, empowering greatness in a field where most are mediocre at best.

Read this book NOW to lay down the foundation for a successful 2012. If you don't, I guarantee you won't be where you could be in twelve months!

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