You might think the title of this post about covers it. What else is there? Mind maps, business plans, success? What? Plans and tools that get you on track and keep you there are important but let's look for more, too.

Mind Maps Business Plans Success

I have a client who uses mind maps -- much like mental overviews of all the factors that go into a strategy, a plan, a project. He is very skilled with them and relies on them as a powerful tool to keep him focused and moving forward. And a good mind map, like any plan, is a work in progress.

"Set your goals in concrete; draw your plans in the sand!"

What Else Do Experts Do?

Influencers like Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, and others, all share common traits that got them where they are today and keep them there. I a recent post on their "Mind Movies" blog, Natalie and Glen Ledwell shared 6 things they say great leaders always do. While I don't disagree with any of their points, this is my take on each of them.

1) Be Willing to Take Risks

In my own experience, both as a guide and influencer in my own field and in watching others, I fully agree that you cannot move steadily forward on your own journey of success without taking risks along the way. You must overcome being afraid to step out of your own comfort zone and ignore the negative voice in your head or spoken by others around you. It is OK to try something new.

2) Surround Yourself With The Right People

As a good leader you already know that to work with the right people. We call it building a team, a following, a tribe. You need smart, functional, effective people to participate in your team. We all know this but, as solopreneurs, it is often difficult to let go, to allow others to slip in and take some of our control. But it is only through doing this that we will effectively grow to our own potential.

3) Learn From Your Mistakes

We may prefer not to make mistakes but doing so is not always bad. I see mistakes (and I have certainly made my share) as learning moments, not failures. It is simple numbers. If you take risks, as in point 1, some will not produce the desired results. Examine what you did and what the outcomes were. Make adjustments. Try again. Or move on to something else. It's all about taking action and measuring outcomes.

4) Take Personal Time

In order to help others most successfully, you need to be in your best spirits, and have the available energy necessary to complete the task. Taking time to relax, recharge, for self-care, and energizing mind and body is far from being selfish. It is giving to yourself so you can give of yourself. This is crucial to long term success.

5) Ask Questions And Listen

When I first started out I was fortunate to have a wonderful mentor who shared great concepts with me; things I had not heard, or considered, before. I remember him saying, "If you want to be successful yourself, take an already successful person to lunch, and listen!" I was good at talking back then -- it seemed to come naturally. It took me a little longer to learn how to listen. Asking the right questions and listening intently to the answers was a process I went through in my early years in business. I am so glad I did.

6) Always Be Fair

Nat and Glen use terms like fair-minded, judicious, and practical in describing this success trait. I agree fully. It means knowing what is right and what is not, and it means following a fair and moral compass. This seems lost on many today. Don't let other drag you down. Don't let others steal your dream!

Mind Maps Business Plans Successful People

Mind Maps Business Plans Success And More

It takes all of these things, and more, but if you apply these six success traits in your daily life, in the things you do in your business, and as you work with others, more good outcomes will follow you on your journey of success!

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