The editorial calendar is a basic, easy-to-use, posting, tracking, and scheduling tool that assists you in adding and managing posts to your blog or website.

You can read more about the details of the editorial calendar plugin HERE. If you feel this is a plugin you might like to use you can install it on your self-hosted WordPress website using the Add New plugins page.

Install Editorial Calendar

The first thing to do is go to your website back end, or dashboard, and mouse-over Plugins, and then select Add New. You will be shown a page where you can search for and install new plugins.

Editorial Calendar Plugin Online Presence Perspectives
Installing Plugins Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Put editorial calendar in the search box to the top right and press enter. The Editorial Calendar plugin should show in the first spot on the left (or scroll down to find it in the list. Click the Install Now button and, once the install completes in a few seconds, click the activate link. Your new plugin is installed and activated.

Editorial Calendar New Menu Item Online Presence Perspectives
New Calendar Menu Item In Posts Drop Down

If you look at the Posts drop down menu you will now find an additional entry, Calendar. Click on it to open the calendar weekly view.

Editorial Calendar 3 Week View Online Presence Perspectives
A Three Week View Of The Editorial Calendar

You can select the Screen Options tab in the upper right to open the settings panel. The settings shown are the ones I like and use. I find a 3 week view works about right.

Editorial Calendar Screen Options Online Presence Perspectives
Click Screen Options Tab To Access Settings Panel

To add a post using the calendar, mouse over a date bar and then click the New Post link that appears.

Editorial Calendar New Post Highlight
New Post Link In Date Bar

Clicking the New Post link will open the editorial calendar post entry form as shown below.

Editorial Calendar New Post Editor Online Presence Perspectives

It is a basic text editor with a place for title, post content, and spots to set the time and the status (draft, pending review, or scheduled), and Cancel or Save. To schedule on a future date, set the time, choose scheduled, and save. To schedule later today do the same thing. To post live today, select an earlier time and choose scheduled. To post on a previous date set the time and save.

The editor is basic, but once scheduled or posted, mousing over the item will display an expanded menu. Edit will open the post in the full WordPress menu, Quick Edit will open it in the calendar basic editor again, Delete will remove the post, and view will open it in the front end.

Editorial Calendar Existing Post Menu Online Presence Perspectives

A very nice additional feature is while your posts are still scheduled (not yet published) you can use your mouse to select and then drag and drop posts from one date to another. This allows you excellent control when organizing future posts.

Editorial Calendar Scheduled Post Drag And Drop Online Presence Perspectives
Drag & Drop Scheduled Posts To Orgainize

All in all, the Editorial Calendar plugin is an excellent tool to assist in creating, scheduling, and managing, your blog posts. I find it speeds the process of entering multiple posts at once. You can write directly in the editor or use your favorite text processor and copy/paste. If you write more than one post per week and/or schedule posts on future dates, this plugin is for you.

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