Providing for your family is a basic motivation that you probably do without thinking.

You don’t question the need to provide a home, food, warmth and safety to your spouse and children. These survival instincts are taught to you as a child and you pass them on to your children.

When it comes to making changes or improvements outside of these basic needs things can become a little complicated. This is very true when you have the desire to make a change that will affect your entire family. Will they be supportive or not is usually a big deciding factor on how motivated you will actually be.

Each family member has the right and ability to make their own lifestyle changes and getting support from each other is crucial. It is so much easier to have someone to talk to and discuss things with when you aren’t feeling as motivated as you should. So it just makes sense to include your family right from the beginning.

Some lifestyle changes will not be welcomed by every family member. If the lifestyle change includes a family move to a new town, you could be faced with resistance from your children.

This is why it is important to sit down with them and discuss any upcoming changes as soon as possible. No-one likes to be faced with a complete surprise of suddenly moving across country. By letting your children know months ahead of time they can become accustomed to the idea by the moving date.

Even if your spouse or children will not be directly impacted by your change it still helps to let them know what you are doing. Support in any form can be extremely helpful and comfortable at the right time.

Your goal may be to learn a new skill or take up a brand new sport. Just being able to share your achievements is often motivation enough to keep on going. Plus today it is really easy to share things with your family and friends.

If you are learning a new sport you can download plenty of apps that allow you to set goals and share your progress on Facebook and Twitter. You can even get rewards and trophies as you reach your milestones.

By incorporating your family you are also teaching them that it is possible to reach your dreams and that you are never too old or young to set goals.

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