It is very important to be comfortable online when working from home in this day and age. You can meet people that are local to you or anywhere around the world depending on where you network!

Find the places that will help you to meet the people that you want and need to meet!

Having profiles online helps you in a number of ways. It puts your "shingle" out so that people see you. It helps people to see if they want to know you better. It helps the SEO (being found on search engines like google) of your website that is mentioned on the profiles.

Fill out your profiles and always include a photo. Don't leave blanks in your profile, and go back and update them as you add to your expertise and learn more about how to describe yourself and your business.

I am not recommending that you do any profile upgrades unless you want to. You will get major benefits by using the free profiles and meeting people on the sites.

It is important to decide if you are an "open networker" or if you are going to be more selective in your connections. In building a business, consider being open. You never know who will be a great referral source, or a new friend. If you are not used to a lot of emails and announcements, you might want to get a new gmail account for networking sites so that you do not have a flood in your regular email account.

I am giving you my link to each of the sites so that you can start by connecting to me and have your first friend on the sites.

Important sites to start with:

1. my page is - I will write additional posts to teach you about using the different aspects of the site. You can ask people that know you to write references for you.

2. Facebook business page my page is Facebook is one of the biggest and busiest websites now. Make sure that you are seen there.

3. used to be naymz - get people that know you to write referrals for you.

4. Very important to get your word out!

5. My Linking Power Forum A wonderful place run by my good friend Vincent Wright. You will meet other people that love to connect and network.

6. CafeMom is a great place to share with other women and mothers. This might be a good fit for you.

Make sure and join groups available on the sites, and be brave - get your message and your personality out there.

Ask about other people and what they do. Remember them to give referrals when appropriate, and ask them to do the same.

Networking online is a great way to build your business.

Sally K. Witt
The Work at Home Coach


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