These two companies are the same and you should be warned about using them. The following is one of many posts from a forum discussing them. Many others agreed.

"THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!! Products are not "7 star", they are cheaply made defective obviously knock-off pieces of crap. This company makes money by drop shipping broken bootleg items (different than the pic on their site, sometimes a completely different item than the one you ordered!) that no customer would want, then they make it impossible to get a refund so that they keep the money and run!!! The DVD box sets are not "Chinese Versions" or "Factory Direct" as they claim, they are the same bootlegs that you can pick up for 3 bucks on Canal St in New York! I attempted to use their "drop ship" for my eBay auctions. Out of the 5 Harry Potter DVD Box sets that I ordered for drop ship customers, ALL 5 BUYERS sent me irate e-mails demanding their money back! The box title is not in English as the pic on their site depicts, it is in Chinese. Out of the 5 (2-disk) box sets I had shipped to my eBay customers, 5 of them contained 1 functioning DVD while the 2nd one did not work at all. One person did not even receive the Harry Potter DVD I ordered, it was some movie called "Polar Ice". All 5 complained that the DVDs were obviously bootleg, there was no writing on the disks, they are just regular DV-R's that someone copied off the computer. All the titles are in Chinese, and the movies are badly dubbed. The quality is the same you'd find from someone who brought a video camera in a movie theater and recorded it. This company makes it virtually impossible to get a refund. In order to get my money back, I'd have to have all my drop ship customers return the DVDs to me unopened (at their expense), at which time I would have to send them back to China (at my expense) and I may or may not get a refund. And this all has to be done within 7 days. These buyers are upset enough as it is, and now they are expected to immediately go to the post office and spend more money shipping me the DVDs? So that I can spend more money turning around and mailing them back, within a one week period?! The cost of shipping alone from the US to China equals the price I already paid, so there's no way to not lose money on this!
My eBay reputation is ruined thanks to this company, and I am out the $160.00 I spent on these cheap knock-offs! Also, their "Juicy Couture" clothes say "Juicy Escalove", they cannot even copy a simple word. STAY AWAY!!! This is a SCAM!!