There are millions of people online and you need to stand out, or be lost among them. The good news is that there is only one you. Therefore, the best way to stand out online is to be YOU because you’re the only one who can do that. It sounds a little like a cliche but it really is important. Let's look at some ways you can stand out online.

Stand Out Online -- Be Yourself

Each of the eight methods mentioned below, and any of dozens of others, can help you stand out online, however you must embrace the way(s) that best enhance who you really are. If you are loud and boisterous, be loud and boisterous. Embrace it. Make it your public persona. But if you are meek and quite, loud and boisterous isn't for you.

Very few people can pretend to be other than who they are and sustain the act for very long. If you try and fail you may never recover. When you embrace the Popeye mantra, "I yam what I yam!" and be yourself, you can begin to carve out your one online presence and stand out online.

Create a Detailed Profile

Don’t leave out any information for your profiles on social media. You don’t want each profile to be an exact replica, but you do want to use every single bit of space the social network allows you to in order to create a profile that stands out. The best way to stand out is to keep your target audience in mind as you create your profile - because yes, even when it’s about you, it’s really about them.

Get a Professional Profile Picture

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to have a professional photoshoot four times a year. That way you have images appropriate for each time of year ready to share with others. You can also create memes with the images if you get a variety of shots. Seek out photography students who need to build their portfolio. Get your hair and makeup done professionally and wear clothing that represents who you are (or want to be).

Share Amazing and Relevant Content

Online it can be easy to get carried away and go against your niche, but if you stay relevant and only share content that is interesting to your audience you can’t go wrong. Whether you created the content or someone else did, it needs to be something your audience needs to see and know about before you share it.

Be Controversial

Okay you don’t want to go crazy with controversy but you can go against trends, disagree with gurus and let people know what you really think about things without worrying about the world blowing up. The important thing is to be yourself and be true to who you are, and not to worry too much about what others think. Just be able to back up your ideas with facts.

Respond Relevantly

Don’t use every response as an excuse to talk about your offerings. People don’t like that online. Instead, make sure that your responses make sense based on the post. Seek to help people instead of hawk your products.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

In everything you do, build a good reputation by always giving more than you get. When people learn from others about you via testimonials, or just comments about you on social media, it’s remembered.

Share Your Opinion Strongly

When you have an opinion about something that you can back up with facts (even if it’s contrary to what others say and do), as long as it fits in with the narrative that you want to accomplish with your audience, go for it.

Be a Good Resource to Others

You want to always be a service to others in everything you do. When you’re online, everything you say and do lives forever. Even if you delete it, it’s there someplace for others to see and judge. Keep that in mind and always be a good resource to them.

Standing out online is easy to do if you simply start with being yourself. No one else can do you the way you do you. Don’t try to be fake and don’t try to be something you’re not. Don’t brag and don’t be silent.

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