Entrepreneur's Notebook: Practical Advice for Starting a New Business Venture. Practical Advice for Starting a New Business Venture is written for entrepreneurs and anyone who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur - and who wants real-life advice and practical information. This book will take you on a whirlwind tour of the start-up process and help you to build a solid foundation for your new venture, whether it is a small business, or a venture capital funded enterprise. Irrespective of the size or type of business, the underlying principles are the same.

As an entrepreneur for most of my life, it's impossible to imagine a career more challenging or gratifying. Being an entrepreneur is one of life’s great adventures. It allows you to take control of your destiny, continuously learn and grow, and experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with transforming an idea into something of value. Whether you seek to build a large corporation, or create a modest business that will enable you to live the life you choose, this book will guide you through the key steps in the start-up process, helping you to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Becoming an entrepreneur is achievable for everyone, but there are rules to the game - principles that are time-tested and likely to lead you to success. This book focuses on the information that you need to know to get started. Chapters 1-3 introduce three critical concepts that relate to every new venture: people, products, and making progress. Chapters 4-5 discuss the entrepreneurial team. In chapters 6-7, a review of the business plan is followed by a discussion of cash flow, a concept that is appreciated by every successful entrepreneur. Finally, chapters 8-10 delve into the practicalities of starting a new company, securing investment, and managing a team of people.

I should note two things about this book. First, it is about concepts, and is not a technical manual. There are many great resources that teach accounting, finance, marketing, management, and more. The real spotlight is on the Big Picture. Second, it focuses on getting your new business off the ground. While the ideas presented are valid and remain important throughout the life of a business, new challenges arise as a business becomes successful, grows, and eventually matures. The later stages rely on a solid foundation and success in the early stages; however a discussion about the development and management of a mature business is beyond the scope of this book.

Starting a company is, without question, both a personal and professional quest. This book is intended to help you to succeed by providing you with advice that is practical and proven, learned the hard way through almost three decades of real-life experience, and backed by the lessons of one of the best business schools in the country. Another reason why this book (and others) will contribute to your success is because sooner is always better than later. You want this information now, before you take action, and an investment of time and dollars in knowledge is small in comparison to the benefits you will receive by making smarter decisions and avoiding the common mistakes. I hope that the following pages inform and inspire you, and help you to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.