When you work for someone else, you never worry about how you will get paid. You just expect that it will happen. Someone else does the heavy lifting. All of that changes when you go into business for yourself. As an independent contractor it is up to you to make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth for your services and not being taken for a ride.

Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements
An Important Book

Every independent contractor needs this book, Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements.

As a freelance writer, virtual assistant, artist, or other entrepreneur, you are the person in charge. That means making sure that your assets are covered from the very beginning. Because you work for yourself, every minute you lose haggling over pricing and projects is money lost. It can also affect your reputation and credibility with future clients.

This book contains forms that not only help you on the front end but also at tax time. the first thing to do for any job is to put your agreement with your clients “in writing.” Define what your client gets for their money, what monies you expect up front and when you expect to get paid in full. Contracts help to avoid disputes later on if there is an issue. Protect yourself and build a successful business.

Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements
The Book

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