Outside of how well your lead magnet works, the follow-up is arguably the most important part of building your email list. When you create your lead magnet, you should also immediately create a follow-up series for the list that the respondents will be on. It would be a shame for them to get your lead magnet, get on your list, and then nothing to happen - which is exactly how it will turn out if you don’t follow up.

Lead magnet success secret #5 - Follow-Up

Your follow-up series should be related in some way to the freebie that they signed up for, leading to a bigger purchase that they didn’t get yet. Start message one as a thank you, and then the last message in the series should make them an offer they can’t refuse. Keep in mind that you can also send out messages on the fly to make the members of the list feel as if a real person is talking to them. But, the initial series should go out on a schedule from the date that people sign up.

The types of things you can send to your subscribers in email depend on the freebie item and the niche. Make sure that everything you send them relates and doesn’t go out of the niche. Also, don’t send too many messages too quickly, or you’re going to make them feel as if you’re sending them spam even when you’re not. Handle your lists with care and they’ll be more responsive. Here are some tips about how to make the messages effective.

Your email list is truly money in the bank if you use it right. Always follow up, and always include a new call to action to read more information, download another freebie, sign up for a Facebook Group, or buy something that will help them solve more problems.

If you keep this up, you’ll build a very strong email list that will grow and be very responsive.

That's it for this 6-part series but I have added some final thoughts about lead magnet success in a seventh post. Watch for it.

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