One of the issues you have to deal with when trying to build an effective email list with a lead magnet and then later running an email list correctly is automation. The best way to do this right is to pick the right technology. Many marketers make the mistake of picking the least expensive option or even a free option, instead of the best option.

One of the best autoresponder options for building a large and responsive email list is It offers all the features you need to promote your own products and other people’s products as an affiliate, and it accomplishes all of the other tasks that an email software program should do - like segmentation, sign-up forms and the like.

There are more expensive options like Infusionsoft, but AWeber is very effective email list building and autoresponder software that has been around for a long time. They are always adding features.

You will also need easy-to-use landing page software. For many the best one to use may well be LeadPages. It has templates that you can simply alter with your information, and they lead you right through the process so that you can create effective landing pages that get results. It will integrate with AWeber fine.

There is also design software such as Adobe InDesign which you can access via the Creative Cloud to create quality lead magnets. If your lead magnet is going to be an app, you will need other software for that. Or you may need to hire a professional coder to help you, which you can do via UpWork and Freelance.

The key here is not to skimp on the necessary elements. For example, you need a real website with your own domain name and not a free site, or a Blogger site. The best choice is self-hosted WordPress with a responsive theme, and a good host, such as InMotion Hosting, which will help you get started even if you know nothing. If you expect people to spend money on you, you need to spend money on you too. None of these things are prohibitive in price, and you can actually get started for less than 300 dollars total.

In the next post I will focus on the art of under promising and over delivering to build trust and a more responsive email list.

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