If you are a blogger (or want to be one) and you have ever wondered, "What should I write about?" or "How often should I write?" or any of the other myriad questions that arise, here is a little practical content
marketing anyone can apply to their own blogging for success.

Four-Squared Blogging For Success

I often speak of what I call the Four-Squared content marketing approach, which marries two four-point concepts I've developed over the years, ie: 4x4 or 4² (four squared).

The first is what I refer to as my "engineering approach", or IEEE (engineers will understand)...

and the second is my Four Y's of Success...

If you simply apply IEEE to the "What to write about?" question and, in doing so, provide better quality than your competition, with greater frequency than your competition, and with more regular application than your competition, and do it for longer then your competition, you will be successful.

Forget about all the techie stuff, or getting just that right shade of blue. It really IS this basic!

Blogging For Success WizardsPlace

Click this link to read more about Wiz's 4 Y's Of Success.

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