Motivation is a hot topic that covers a wide range of activities and words ranging from goals and desires to needs. What you may not realize is that some basic needs actually fall into the category of motivation.

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This can be seen by the behavior you exhibit when providing for your family. You don’t deny that you need to provide shelter, food, warmth and safety for your family. You do these things without even thinking.

Yet those basic needs are your motivation and you are so in tune with your motivation that you don’t hesitate to do what you have to. This might mean working longer hours or even taking on a second job if necessary.

So why is it that when you want to achieve something new you have such a hard time with it? The importance that you associate with it may be your reason why.

If you don’t feel as driven then your motivation automatically begins to lag. So the simple answer would be to attach much more importance to your new goal. There is no reason why a dream or desire shouldn’t become a reality. You just have to start seeing it as one and your motivation will increase.

Let’s get back to basic motivation for a minute. When you start thinking about basic requirements every living thing has to be motivated to survive. These basic survival instincts include breathing, drinking, eating and keeping warm. All living things have to eat and drink water to survive. The desire to stay alive is motivation enough, for humans we have to add in keeping warm in order to survive.

This motivation is something which automatically gets handed down generation to generation. You teach your children what they need to do to survive in this world. They have to learn to find food and water for themselves, and to have a shelter to stay warm. There is no questioning about how to stay motivated in order to accomplish this. They are just tasks that must be completed on a daily basis.

Your own body knows what it needs to survive and will let you know when something is lacking. Without water you will certainly die within days, but you can live without food for a longer period of time.

When it comes down to understanding what motivation is then this explanation on basic necessities should be great example for you.

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