A great deal of information is shared on WizardsPlace through posts in the blog. These posts are separated  into categories. Access to blog posts depends on membership level. Public access (ie: no WizardsPlace membership) does not have access to considerable blog content. The bulk of the blog posts are made available to Silver Level and above.

Previous Member & Public Posts Separation

The only main category available publicly is:

This category remains available to all, whether member or non-member. All other categories are separated from the normal blog page and appear elsewhere on the site, accessible only from within the members area. You must be an active member to see and access them.

So What's Changed?

There is so much good material available here on WizardsPlace. The site owner and associates work hard to research and publish important material. You know we have separated the grain from the chaff, providing on the good here for you to access, potentially saving you many hours of your own looking for top material.

We have decided now to put most of the top material behind the membership firewall. This will include blog posts, tutorials, product reviews, plugins reviews, theme reviews, many ebooks and reports, and most of the video tutorials, trainings, courses, and workshops. This is literally thousands of dollars of information and training which will be available here on WizardsPlace for a very nominal monthly charge.

Much of this information will be available in blog posts and other pages on the site. The tutorials, trainings, courses and workshops will be accessible through the WizardsPlace Classroom will also be linked in the top-right menu.

What Hasn't Changed?

A few free courses and workshops will continue to be available through the Free Stuff page (main menu). Note that the WP Classroom opt-in page has been removed from the top-right menu. It has been replaced by the New Member Sign-Up page.
General membership includes access to all blog posts and much of the course material. Only a few direct service items are reserved for higher level memberships.

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