Professor Bill Belew, internationally known speaker and content marketing professional, says there are four key elements to online success. While we name them in a slightly different way, we are in complete agreement on their number, their nature, and their importance.

Because All 4 End In Y

I am often asked why I call them the 4 Ys of Success. Some people just can't see it. So, first, here they are (my version):

  1. Quality
  2. Frequency
  3. Consistency
  4. Seniority

As you can see, they all end in Y. Who said they had to begin with Y to be called the 4 Y's? Anyway, that's not it at all. Perhaps a better reason is that they are 4 wise choices, or maybe they are the 4 reasons why (4 whys) you will be successful! You choose. Or find some other reason for the name. I will continue to call them my 4 Ys of Success for my own reasons.

4 Ys Of Success Content Strategy
Content Strategy - What The 4 Ys of Success Are All About

Whatever you call them, they are four powerful, foundational, concepts that will determine the extent of your success and how quickly you will obtain it. Whatever your goal, these can, and do, apply. And they are so basic. So simple. So easy. Anyone can apply them.

Let's consider getting your blog to be found in the search engine return pages (SERPs) and beating your competitor currently in spot one on page one. All you need to do is apply the 4 Ys.

Wiz's 4 Ys Of Success


Write better quality posts than you competitor. Format them correctly. Include the correct elements.


Post more often than your competitor. If they post monthly, you post two or three times a month. If they post weekly, you post two or three times a week. If they post daily, you post two or three times a day.


Post on a more regular schedule than your competitor. If necessary use software, such as the WordPress plugin Editorial Calendar, to schedule posts out into the future to avoid unexpected gaps in your posting.


If possible, start before your competitors, and keep at it longer than they do.

If you do all of these things you will, in fact, beat your competitor every time. Don't just do it, do it better, do it more often, be more regular, and keep doing it. That's how to succeed. Pretty basic, isn't it. And now you know why you can, too.

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    1. Hey Michelle, I missed your comment (made way back in January) at the time. Great question, though, so I figured I should answer even if I am 8 months late! Yes, the 4 Ys of Success still holds true. It is certainly not the answer to everything (that is 42!) but, for blogging, it is still important advice. If you didn’t already read it, this is probably your next step. I had a look at your blog. Nice!

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