Feelings Deep Within Me Now

Feelings deep within me now
Struggle to be free
Mem’ries I’d forgot somehow
Clear my eyes to see

Feelings Deep Within Me Now Poem Poetry Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

Growing stronger ev’ry day
Nurtured in my heart
Mystic power clears the way
Finds new place to start

Open heart and open mind
I stand before you here
Take my hands and help me find
For you are guide and seer

Augurs well, the change that comes
You take me by my hands
Take account and add the sums
Before the end of lands

Joined as one and more than three
We look upon this place
Newer vision I and thee
You reach to touch my face

Quiet in our new found joy
Now is the only time
Blend together girl and boy
Birth new form caught in rhyme

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