Stephen B. Henry Membership Program Information

Membership Program Information

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You Get Key Training From Authoritative Experts & Influencers
Work Personally With Stephen B. Henry, WordPress Wizard & Coach's Coach

Are you a coach, guide, mentor, or other professional. Are you an online retailer or Internet marketer? Are you a solopreneur working on your own from an office in your home? Where do you turn when you need help? It just happens that this website has the potential to change EVERYTHING for you… and for the BETTER… right NOW!
Are you building an online business? Perhaps you are building more than one, or maybe you haven’t really gotten started yet. Do you need help with the technical stuff; getting a domain name, a website, or something else? Do you need help with branding and exposure, or lead generation? What about mailing lists and social media, or content, images, or video? Or increasing revenue?
And never mind the knowledge or expertise needed. That is a big enough problem, but do you have the right mindset to handle it all? What about overwhelm and burn out? When you are on your own, who do you turn to when you have needs outside your field of experiense? Relatives? The bright kid next door? Your buddy across town? It is all running a little thin by now. It can get confusing, out of hand, and difficult FAST!
It is a good idea to have someone to turn to; someone you can call on when the need arises. I am here to offer you a real-world solution to your virtual problems. Each of the following areas are covered in detail on this website; some in the public access area, but most are behind the membership firewall.
• Online Presence
• Domain Names
• Hosting Services
• Websites & WordPress
• WordPress Security
• Themes & Plugins
• Forums & Blogging
• eCommerce
• Content Creation
• Social Media
• Search Optimization
• Internet Marketing
• Search Marketing
• Inbound Marketing
• Traffic Generation
• Mailing Lists
• Business Growth
• Client Engagement
• Personal Mindset
• Goal Setting & Planning
• Authority Building
• Time Mangement
• Best Practices
• Legal & Accounting
In fact, I have been putting the pieces together for all of this and more: self-study training, video learning, group masterminds, and 1-on-1 mentoring. Maybe you just need a little bit of guidance. Maybe you need regular help. Or maybe you want the kind of in-depth support and training that will turn all your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Let me help you along the way with your journey of success. Remember, the time to find your guide is before you get lost in the woods. Sign up today for standard or premium membership or maybe one of my signature programs. There is one to fit your budget. Just how much do you believe in your dreams? Are you willing to invest in yourself?
Stephen B. Henry Commitment To Excellence Silver

Membership Standard Monthly

  • Members Area
  • Members Blog
  • Members Resources
  • Selected Videos
  • Access To Steve
  • Email/Messenger

$19.97 (per month)

Stephen B. Henry Commitment To Excellence Silver

Membership Standard Lifetime

  • Members Areas
  • Members Blog
  • Members Resources
  • Selected Videos
  • Access To Steve
  • Email/Messenger

$299.97 (1-time)

Stephen B. Henry Commitment To Excellence Gold

Membership Premium Monthly

  • All Standard Items
  • All Member Courses
  • All Shop Items
  • Extended Resourses
  • Special Downloads
  • Live Groups Calls

$69.97 (per month)

Stephen B. Henry Commitment To Excellence Gold

Membership Premium Lifetime

  • All Standard Items
  • All Member Courses
  • All Shop Items
  • Extended Resourses
  • Special Downloads
  • Live Groups Calls

$999.97 (1-time)

What Are All Of These Things You Get With Membership?

  • Members Area - Your personal account page with easy access to the various items included with your membership level.
  • Members Blog - With almost 1500 posts and growing, this experts blog offers authoritative content in 111 topical categories.
  • Members Resources - An ever-growing list of important web-based resources to support your online success business efforts.
  • Selected Videos - Steve's personal choice of key videos from around the 'net that you should see as part of your mindset growth.
  • Access To Steve - Get unlimited direct access to Steve to get your important questions answered thoroughly and promptly.
  • Email/Messenger - Use email or facebook Messenger for easy, fast, regular, communication with Steve on any relevant topic.
  • All Member Courses - Premium members get access to dozens of trainings and self-study courses at no additional charge.
  • All Shop Items - All items (ebooks, reports, and other downloadable items) are available at no extra cost to premium members.
  • Extended Resources - Premium members get special access to even more resources: selected web-based and downloadable.
  • Special Downloads - Useful and valuable downloadable items selected personally by Steve, and exclusively for, premium members.
  • Live Group Calls - Special private Zoom room access for live group calls, trainings, masterminds, a premium membership exclusive.

The first monthly payment will be charged when you sign up. Subsequent payments will be charged automatically on or about the same day each month, until you cancel from within your own PayPal account. You require a PayPal account to subscribe to the monthly payment access. If you do not have a PayPal account you can sign up for one here. It’s free. You may fund your account from your bank or your credit card if you won’t be using it to take payments from other sources. We do not have access to your PayPal account, banking, or credit card information. You do not need a PayPal account for single payment lifetime memberships. You may pay with a valid credit or debit card.

Please note, because you gain full, unrestricted, access to an ever growing installed base of material, information, and training, worth many times your first payment, there are no refunds available. There is, however, no contract period. While we are confident you will want to continue this program month to month to gain access to what is offered initially, and over the coming months, you may cancel from within your own PayPal account at any time.

The information presented in this Website is intended to be for educational purposes only. Please note:

  • We are not presenting you with a business opportunity.
  • We are not presenting you with an MLM distributorship.
  • We are not making any claims as to income you may earn.
  • We are not presenting you with an opportunity to get rich.

Please read the rest of this disclaimer, and all of our related Policies, Disclaimers & Disclosures. To access, CLICK HERE.

In signing up for this membership program, and in consideration of the amount of material you are given immediate access to, you agree there are no refunds and that you will not make PayPal, bank, or credit card company claims of recovery. If you cannot agree to this, please do not sign up for this program.