(Stairwell) Echos Of The Past

Back in 1953 (I wasn’t yet 2 years old) Elvis cut his first record at Sam Phillips’ Sun Recording Studio. In the coming years Elvis would become one of the greatest musical talents of all time, but his early recordings with his small band, including guitarist Scotty Moore, bassist Bill Black, and drummer D.J. Fontana, would burst onto the scene with a mix of country music and rhythm and blues known as rockabilly. After moving to RCA, the unique Elvis “sound” developed by Sam Phillips could only be re-created by recording in a stairwell “to get the echo”.

At about the same time, another young man, in another country, pursued a struggling career as a poet and writer. Leonard Cohen arguably became one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time but it took him many more years to accomplish that task. It was not until 1967 that Cohen launched his own singing career. His most famous song, Hallelujah, was not released until 1984. It would have been interesting to hear Elvis’ take on it, for he certainly would have sung it had he not died before that time.

And, just a few years ago, an Elvis style stairwell echo and one of the most performed songs in the world today would come together in this lovely performance:

Great performers. Great performances. Great memories. Share yours!

Leonard Cohen - Stephen B. Henry Elvis Presley - Stephen B. Henry

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