Every home based office is going to require storeage space. Filing cabintes and shelves are obvious choices. A work table can be created easily and cheaply by putting a door across the top of two equal-height dressers or filing cabinets thus providing both work space and storage in the same unit. I have a very useful set of "pigeon hole" storage racks that I acquired for free at our local grocery store. they were part of a blister-pack product display that was being discarded once empty. It provides me with 48 very useful compartments for storage and organization. Look around. Keep your eyes open!

High, possibly floor to ceiling, shelves provide a lot of storage room. Lower shelves can hold more often used items. Those items that are rarely used can go on higher shelves. If they are out of normal reach you will want a step stool or short ladder available.

A closet, even in another part of the house, can work well as a supply and general storage room. Storage space is essential for the home office. Keep the following in mind when planning your storage needs:

Keep items organized in your storage closet or on shelves with shoe boxes and jars. Plastic containers are better than glass as they will not shatter. The "Glad", or other brand, kitchen storage containers work well for keeping small items organized. Other storage bins available at WalMart, K-Mart, Target and other such stores are great for larger items. You can tape a content list to the top and/or end of each bin.

Having a place for things, and knowing where they are, is what storage and organization is all about.