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This page is where I will list all the facebook groups I manage with links where you can find them. Be sure to see my facebook group rules page, too, before requesting to join one or more of these groups. Facebook groups are a great way to build online presence, to share with others, to extend your reach, and to meet many new people with common interests. Here are the groups I own and manage:

WordPress Groups | Kindle Groups | Other Groups | Secret Groups

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My Facebook Groups

The groups listed below are the facebook groups I manage, listed with the name in bold, linked to the group on facebook, and a brief description. They are broken into three sub-groups: WordPress, Kindle, and Other. Most of those in the Other category are business related.

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WordPress Groups

S2Member Framework - A group to discuss or inquire about S2Member Framework, the powerful free WordPress membership plugin.

WP eCommerce - Discussion about all things relating to WordPress ecommerce plugin, including WooCommerce and Cart66.

Woo Themes Canvas - Canvas is, as its name suggests, a blank place for you to create the look and feel you want for your website. The theme allows for changing almost every possible parameter from a series of well organized settings pages.

WordPress Any Language - post WordPress topics in this group in any language you choose or use. As long as the post is about something directly related to WordPress it's fine in this group an any language at all.

WordPress Blogging - A group for the discussion and promotion of all things blogging (as long as it's a WordPress .com or .org blog -- sorry, no "Blogger" sites allowed). Share your latest posts, get questions answered, more...

WordPress Groups - This is a WordPress group for the sole purpose of listing WordPress Groups. It is for anyone to list any facebook groups about WordPress, not just my own. The collection is diverse, interesting, and growing!

WordPress Job Board - List your work requests, help wanted, jobs needed, etc. in this group.

WordPress Marketplace - a sellers venue for all things WordPress including themes, plugins, installations, services (including self-promotion -- not a bad thing if you're a solopreneure!) and affiliate links.

WordPress Memberships - Help, discussion, promotion, and more about all forms of WordPress-based membership sites, from the conceptual to the technical.

WordPress Multi-Site - For users of, and those who want to use, the WordPress multi-site platform. This is the package used by and available to all users of self-installed WordPress from

WordPress for the Non-Technical - for those questions, issues, discussions, sharing, and promotion of all things WordPress but without getting overly technical. We don't want PHP or other coding solutions in this group. Share information and ask questions.

WordPress Plugins - This is the WordPress plugins. Themes are not considered plugins for the purposes of this group. Post any discussion, promotion, links, or information directly related to WordPress plugins only.

WordPress Shop Talk - WordPress developers can talk techy with each other in this group. Present issues. Find solutions. Solve problems. Work together for the community good.

WordPress Solutions - Ask questions about, and find solutions to, your WordPress issues and problems. All aspects of WordPress on the table.

WordPress Themes - A group for the promotion of, and discussion about, WordPress Themes. Ask questions, bring problems, share solutions, provide links to resources and other information, all directly related to WordPress themes.

WordPress Wikis - group is for discussing Wikis, Encyclopedias, Pedias, FAQ, Knowledge Based sites, and Q & A sites built on the WordPress platform. Discussions can include themes, plugins, questions, comments and even show off your WordPress Wiki site.

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Kindle Groups

Kindle Culinary - a place to share and discuss books about all things food and cooking -- from dieting to cookbooks, strange cuisine to every day cooking, the world over.

Kindle Erotica - a place for those who write and/or like to read the edgier stuff of life to post and share without catching flack that don't like this stuff.

Kindle Kids - I know. Kid is the proper term for the young offspring of goats. This groups isn't about goats -- unless its in a book for children. You know what this is!

Kindle Non-Fiction - discuss, post book promos, and share tools, resources, links, and information about books in the non-fiction category.

Kindle Publishers - This is a group for posting Kindle ebook promos only. No other posts are allowed. Comment on posts is encouraged but must be directly related to the book posted. For general book discussion, resources (including self-promotion and affiliates) see Kindle Publishers II.

Kindle Publishers II - For those who read, write, and/or publish Kindle (MOBI and PDF) format ebooks to discuss books, share ideas, tools, resources, and other information useful to readers, writers and publishers of Kindle books. This group is NOT for book promotion.

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Other Groups

Our Journey Of Success - join me as we turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones on our journey of success.

From Website To Wealth - support for solopreneurs and small business owners: business growth, marketing, personal development.

WizardsPlace - this is my main business group and is a good starting place for finding out more about me and what I do.

WP Business Network - support, tools, information, and more for those who use WordPress for business.

Promote Your WordPress Blog or Website - share links to your website, blog, pages, posts, etc.

Promote Your Business - public group where you can promote your blog, page, website, business links, or just about anything else.

WizardsPlace WP Classroom - support and information group for students, and others interested in, classroom sessions on WizardsPlace.

Bigfoot Promotions - promote anything and everything that is legal and non-offensive. It's a mostly open group.

Hutchinson KS Authors - A group for writers, authors, and others, in Hutchinson Kansas to discuss their work, the work of others, tools and resources, to share, to ask questions, and to get them answered.

Every Day Is Christmas - this group is a place for Christmas vendors and Christmas shoppers to connect all year round.

Hutchinson KS Discussion Group - Open discussion for those who live in, or serve, Hutchinson Kansas.

Hutchinson KS Business Promotion - an open group for Hutchinson Kansas business, and those serving Hutch, to promote their products and services.

I Don't Follow The Rules - There are no rules (other than facebook's usage policy!) so go ahead and post whatever you like.

Domains Websites For Sale Or Rent - A group for listing websites and domains you want to sell or rent.

Poetry By Choice - A group for poets, and those who like poetry, to share and discuss favorite poetry, techniques, tools and resources, poetry sites, and more.

WAHMs Helper - discussion and support for work at home moms.

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Secret Groups

Success In A Year VIP Support - tied to my Success In A Year 12 month coaching program, non-program members can access for $9.95/month.

WizardsPlace Strategy Group - closed support group for Trinidad & Tobago business strategy group. Members only.

NOBOXATALL - closed support group for the NOBOXATALL - Prescription For Your Personal And Business study group. Members only.

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There are a few more to come... watch for updates!

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