How To Write Powerful Headlines, Titles, and Copy

40+ pages packed with the actionable information you need now to begin writing effect headlines and copy. Whether it's advertising or just blog posts, learn how to create titles and headlines that pull and copy that holds:

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When ordinary folks talk about advertising, they talk about the ads or commercials that are the funniest, the most entertaining, or the most unusual or provocative. Geico commercials with the talking lizard, Budweiser’s “real men of genius” radio spots, and the annual creative TV commercial extravaganza broadcast during the Super Bowl are the ads people point to and say, “I really like that!”

But the goal of advertising is not to be liked, to entertain, or to win advertising awards; it is to sell products. The advertiser, if he is smart, doesn’t care whether people like his commercials or are entertained or amused by them. If they are, fine. But commercials are a means to an end, and the end is increased sales—and profits—for the advertiser.

This is a simple and obvious thing, but the majority of copywriters and advertising professionals seem to ignore it. They produce artful ads, stunningly beautiful catalogues, and commercials whose artistic quality rivals the finest feature films. However, just because an ad is pretty and pleasant to read doesn’t necessarily mean it is persuading people to buy the product. Sometimes cheaply produced ads, written simply and directly without a lot of fluff, do the best job of selling.

Researched and written by some of the leading experts in the field. Compiled, edited, and expanded by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD., known online as the WordPress Wizard. Steve is a published author, blogger, online presence developer, profession business mentor, and owner of WizardsPlace, a WordPress information and support site. You know you are getting top level information in this ebook.

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