This 78 page guide is packed with useful information, statistics, facts, and step-by-step instructions, to lead you on the right path to creating a successful blog and a successful blogging experience for your readers. Begin establishing your blog authority today. Chapters include:

Blog Authority: Make Your Blog The Authoritative Voice For Your Chosen Niche

Blog Authority

  • Introduction
  • Blog Statistics
  • What You Will Learn In This Guide
  • How To Pick The Right Blog Platform
  • How To Customize Your Blog's Appearance
  • How To write & Create Killer Content?
  • How To Add Videos & Images
  • How To Profit From Your Blog
  • Building An Email List
  • Socializing Your Blog
  • Important Pages To Have On Your Blog
  • Conclusion and Next Step

As the cover says, Blog Authority is "A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start a Blog For Profit And Build A Raving Community." Let this book guide you on your way to a successful, profitable, in-demand blog of your own.

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