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Crash Course: Website Of Your Own

Learn How To Build And Manage Your Own Professional Website

My name is Stephen B. Henry. I am known by many online as the WordPress Wizard or the Coach’s Coach. My friends call me Steve. You can too.

I earn my entire income online. Part of that is teaching others how to do the same. And while I have held positions with several other companies, I have almost always owned and operated one or more businesses through-out my life, starting at the age of 14. Most have been great successes. A few have been miserable failures. But all of them taught me valuable lessons, especially that a business of your own — the right business of your own — can be your best defense in times of adversity. Times like now.

It is possible to turn all of your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Let me help you on your journey of success. Remember, the time to find your guide is before you get lost in the woods. Sign up today for my personally delivered live-stream training program. How much are you willing to invest in yourself?

Steve The Wiz 1-On-1 Mentoring
Program Delivered Online By Stephen B. Henry

Putting The Pieces Together Is The First Step

Assembling The Pieces Of Your Online Success Stephen B. Henry

This Course Contains Everything You Will Need To Create And Manage Your Own Website. This Is A Beginner To Intermediate Program. You Can Do It!

A website of your own is the foundation of your online presence. You know you need help with the technical stuff but it really isn’t rocket science. I will walk you through getting a domain name, a setting up your hosting account. Together we will install WordPress, the #1 website platform in use today, and add a theme, site-builder, and the getting started plugins you need.

Let Steve Get You Started With All Of This And More

• Domain Name Registration
• Selecting A Hosting Account
• Why Choose WordPress?
• What Are Other Options
• Installing WordPress
• Managing Nameservers
• Content Creation Choices
• Social Media Interface
• Blogging Best Practices
• Traffic Generation
• Mailing Lists & Opt-Ins
• Business or Personal Use
• Growing Your Website
• Elementor Page Builder
• Bonus Elementor Pro
• Authority Building
• Time Mangement
• Website Best Practices

There Are 2 Ways To Take This 10 Lesson Program
• Fast Track: 1-3pm M-F 2 Weeks • Standard: 7-9pm Tuedays 10 Weeks •
Whether You Prefer Fast Track or Standard The Price Is The Same

What Others Have Said About Steve's Programs, Guidance, & Mentoring

‘I have heard you refer to the help you’ve given me as having helped me ”in a small way”. Steve, you are a master of the understatement! I was on a tiny budget so needed to build my site myself. No way could I have accomplished the building and completion of my website without your support, training, teaching, coaching AND hands on help!! Small?? I think not! Your contribution made the difference and has been huge!! “Thank you” doesn’t fully express my gratitude.’
– Barb Orozco, M.A.T.
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‘You have taught me more in the last two weeks – with that tip about Yoast and the tips about searching for my headlines – than most of the “experts” have given me in the last five years. Thank you so much for taking the time and the effort to “look under the hood.”‘
– Kathryn C. Lang

‘Thanks to Stephen, who gave me a great analysis of my blog. I met Stephen via a live stream in an Entrepreneurial Group – Stephen’s advice in the live stream plus his generosity with his knowledge really came across as genuine – so of course I took him up on his offer, to message him for assistance – which I did. Stephen’s practical tips were able to be implemented pretty quickly even for someone with little technical savvy. Stephen is very approachable and takes his time to understand your issue – his response is suited to your specific situation and is anything but generic. I look forward to working with Stephen again.’
– Leslie Ferrier Attong
Career & Corporate Life Coach

‘Stephen has helped me enormously whilst attempting to put together a WordPress website using the Canvas Theme. I have little to no coding knowledge but that’s the beauty of WordPress and the WooTheme Canvas. I struggled at times until I discovered Stephen’s Facebook page (Woo Themes Canvas) and that’s when my learning and knowledge base really started to grow. Each time I have gone there and posted an issue I needed help with, he has always been forthcoming and nothing is ever too much trouble for Stephen. He explains what I need to do in a simplistic language that I can understand and this way both learn and rectify the problem.

‘He also helped me enhance my knowledge by directing me to other sites with free tuition on basic coding. By doing this and putting together the pieces, it is really starting to make a bit more sense. I know I would have been lost and really struggling had I not had Stephen’s unending support and genuine willingness to help. I will be eternally grateful and would hope that in time, I too will be in a position to help others just like he does. I just can’t praise him highly enough. Many thanks,’
– Trish Mullen

‘A million THANKS to Stephen B. Henry…. He just made my day after I ruined it earlier by deleting my main welcome page on my website. whew…. thankful he had a recent backup. I did lose about an hour of updates but I figure it was good practice. He also taught me how easy it is for me to DIY in 15 seconds. Thanks again Stephen!’
– Vicki Wilson Conley

‘Stephen is truly amazing! He is fast to respond to messages and very knowledgeable! I can’t wait to get started with his online classes! He impressed me with his knowledge and patience in teaching me. Thank you Stephen for everything!’
– Stephanie Whaley

‘My life would not be the same without Steve as my coach/mentor. I was a college student when I met Steve and he changed my way of thinking. Many a time he even directed opportunities towards me. It is not a pay and get game with the Wiz. He provides free regular live training sessions for everyone. He is one of the best mentors I have ever met in my career.’
– Jasmeet Singh
Jhansi, India

‘Wow Steve, you sure do know your stuff. I hope to keep learning with you. I would like to understand more SEO one day. You are truly the best! Thanks so much for all your patient support and professional help over the years.’
– Christin Garrett Lathrop
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Crash Course: Website Of Your Own 10 Lesson Program
Fast Track Program Begins Monday, April 27, 1-3pm CT M-F For 2 Weeks
Standard Program Begins Thursday, April 30, 7-9pm CT Thursdays For 10 Weeks
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