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You are a professional. You know it’s all about solutions. WizardsPlace offers Solutions. Solutions for you and your business. Solutions for your online presence, your online journey, your online success. And whether you call it Wizards Place or WizardsPlace, the WordPress Wizard will show you how. Or you can hire it done!

You Can Create A Profitable Online Presence

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Start Building Your Powerfully Effective Online Presence Today

Establish Your Online Presence

  • Select Your Business Name
    It is the first step in establishing your brand.
  • Register Your Own Domain Name
    It is how you will be known on the Internet.
  • Establish Suitable Web Hosting
    It is where you can always be found online.
  • Install A WordPress CMS Website
    It is powerful, flexible, easier, trusted.
These are the key elements, the first steps, foundational to establishing your online presence. Everything else you do online will build from, grow from, expand from, these beginnings. You want to get it right. You need to get it right! [more…]

Create Authoritative Content

  • Be Creative
    Control the look and feel of what others see on your site.
  • Be Professional
    Sure, have fun, but remember what your purpose is.
  • Be Consistent
    Add valuable content regularly and often. It does matter.
  • Write With Authority
    Your business. Your topic. Your brand. Own it!
While there are many factors that must be present for a successful website or blog, content is certainly the most important. It touches and affects more aspects of your business than any other one thing. [more…]

Develop Solid Organic Traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization
    It's a key element in bringing quality traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing
    You will reach more than you can possibly know.
  • Managing An Email List
    This is a powerful tool you will not want to forget.
  • Give More Than You Ask
    Deliver on your promises, then watch the growth.
Online success involves many component pieces, all working together in harmony. As in ballet, the prima may be important but the dance doesn’t work, isn’t complete, without the chorus. Success is a journey. [more…]

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