There’s Magic In Movies

Back in the mid to late 70s there was a movie called Roller Coaster. It had a somewhat unusual mix of stars of the day; Richard Widmark, George Segal, Timothy Bottoms. Bottoms was a terrorist bomber who blew up amusement park rides, most notably roller coasters. Widmark and Segal were out to stop him. For […]

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So YOU Think YOU’VE Got Problems!

Okay, you’ve had troubles in your life. You’re trying to introduce a product, launch a new concept, build an online business, any one of the many things people come to this website to learn about and you start off by looking at all the problems the keep you from doing so. Ha! You don’t know […]

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The Butt-Hole Of The Elephant

You know the one that begins, “How do you fit five Elephants in a Volkswagen?” Well, this post could very easily turn into an elephant joke, too, except for the fact it is actually true. And talk about being the butt of an elephant joke! (more…)

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The Early Worm

When I tell people I regularly sleep until noon I can see their eyeballs rolling — even over the phone! After all, you are not supposed to be lazy when you are in the professional training and mentoring business. There is a reason for my sleeping habits, of course, and it has nothing to do […]

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