Something Special About That Car

Perhaps It Was You!
A Poem by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

Such a beautiful design,
Yellow and white, a Buick.
My Uncle’s last car,
But he never drove it.
For ten years it sat,
Except for scheduled service,
And an autumn semester
Of night school classes.
It was my birthday gift,
Pride and joy, impressive
Sixteen year old’s first car
From a favorite Aunt.
A quiet afternoon together,
Sun and shadow, windows down.
My head rests on your lap.
Your fingers caress my brow.
Could we share just once again,
Dream or wish, in that car.
The wonders of new love
We found, and yet somehow
Could my head upon your lap
In weariness rest once more,
As gentle fingers trace
The wrinkles creased there now.
Copyright © 2014 by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.
57 Buick Special
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