Little Girl Comes Walking Down…


little girl comes walking down
across the hillside green
place each footstep gently now
on stones – not in between
for once there lived a merry elf
this place he called his home
he built his castle worked all day
and tilled the sandy loam
but his foundation though made of stone
was built upon the sand
and huricane cold chill of death
that swept across the land
the devil’s breath against god’s own
the walls sent tumbling down
across the base step carefully
on stones and not around
for sand is soft and it might hurt
your dainty ankle twist
i beg of you step easy now
my dear take heed of this
the little elf is watching now
as fragrant petals pick
be quiet for a moment love
rest on moss’s carpet thick
remember that day long ago
elf made his home here too
it takes you back to childhood
the elf the flowers and you

Stephen B. Henry Poetry Little Girl Comes Walking Down

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