When First We Met

When First We Met
A Poem by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

when first we met
i saw you as a little girl,
and insecure.
though only days have passed
i’ve come to know you as a woman,
and pure.
yet still in me a strange and distant
growing stronger,
into my heart is stealing;
but never near enough to see or name.
i wonder if,
playing some silly game,
you have gained control of me,
so that my thoughts,
no longer mine,
are now for all the world to see.
my love,
don’t leave me here!
whether little girl, or woman, insecure:
stay close,
and let our love endure.
i need you more as days go by.
i stand alone.
i watch the sparrows fly.
the stars shine down on cold and lonely
frozen snow;
day by day the winter goes.
spring comes roaring with a gentle sigh:
the flowers grow.
i hear a baby cry.
my life goes on and i grow old.
the leaves are falling;
autumn passes.
once again it’s cold.
were i to die before the morn
or were a little baby born,
whatever happens in all of time,
though stars should fall and heaven be no more,
i must link your thoughts with mine.
there is no life.
there is no death.
all the universe shall hold its breath
as i wait for you to say:
“come, take my hand!”
and on that day my life will start again,
i know,
for in your eyes the flowers grow.
be not sad, my love, not sad,
for life is good
(though also bad)
and angels fly and robins sing
and grass is green
and soon again it will be spring
and you will laugh
and i will know:
there among the flowers our love will grow!
Copyright © 2001 by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

When First We Met
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