Whimsical Dreams

Connie Miller Schuh
There are Pinterest boards and Pinterest boards. Some are beautiful treasure chests of moments frozen in digital images; others not so good. Sometimes the whole Pinterest account comes together with a magical essence that seems to be one part creative skill and three parts fairy dust. Some share a few images, some share a lot, but it isn’t the numbers that are so important as the wonderful magic conveyed.
With 420 boards, 51451 pins, 36761 likes, 6195 followers, and 723 people she is following, at the time I wrote this, Connie Mill Schuh’s Whimsical Dreams account is not only prolific and widely viewed, it is certainly one of the very best Pinterest displays I have ever seen.
The account landing page is a spectacular view in its own right. Each of the header images for the numerous boards seems to nicely complement the next. Scrolling down the page is a spectacle of color and design which speaks to the over all quality of the individual selection displayed. Digging deeper into the individual pins within each separate board is an adventure in pure wonder and delight. The word “awesome” was coined for this Pinterest account. Kudos to Ms. Schuh!

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