My Websites

Over the years I have created hundreds, perhaps thousands, of websites. I long ago lost count. Most of those websites were for clients but a few have been for me. This page will reference (and link to) some of them.
Sites Of My Own Or With Which I Am Associated:
Stephen B Henry
The site you are on now,, is currently my primary, personal, website. It is self-indulgent and a place where I can do whatever I please. On this site I am free to be the irreverent reverend as I share and explore my experiences and the things I have enjoyed over more than sixty years.

Our Hutch Web Services
Our Hutch Web Services,, is our primary web development site operated by Lora and me. We offer a range of web serices from WordPress websites, site management programs, eBay seller support services, web products and recommended tools, and a variety of other online presence services.

From Website To Wealth
Originally my Stephen B. Henry site (the one you are on now) was sub-titled From Website To Wealth but it quickly became obvious to me that I needed two separate sites; one for my personal site and another for my coaching/mentoring. The new From Website To Wealth, found at, is that site.

Online Sellers Association
The Online Sellers Association,, is a membership site providing support, resources, and community, for those who sell products or services online and for those who support online sellers and business professionals. If you blog, promote, sell, coach or share online you should visit, and join, this site.

Wizard's Place
Wizard’s Place,, has been around for a while. It is my online help site which now focuses primarily on WordPress. Some areas of the site are free, open to anyone who visits, while others are closed membership areas requiring a fee for access. It has become known as the signature site for the wiz.

WAHMs Helper
Work At Home Moms (WAHMs) represent a significant, and growing, segment of the economy. This site, WAHMs Helper:, is a support and information site for work at home moms who want to move ahead on their journey of success. From the very basic, to the more advanced, you can find help here.

Marketing 4 Creatives
Creatives, by definition, are people who create things. Typically this means artistic and professional products and services, and includes writers, artists, graphic designers, cartoonists, coaches, etc. Marketing 4 Creatives,, provides marketing help and related information for anyone creative who wishes to sell online.

Sites Belonging To Clients And Friends:
Dog Lover Store
Kimberly and John Mattar have always been dog lovers. After college they took a look at the job market and said, “No way!” then began looking around. They decided to do what they love and the Dog Lover Store,, was born. If you are a dog, have one, or know someone who does, you should check this out!

more websites to come…