Looking Back…

When I look back over my life I see the big choices I made. Some turned out well. Some did not go so well. But I cannot honestly say I wish I had done any of them any differently at all. The simple truth is that I am, today, the sum total of all I have done, and the result of all of those choices I made, over the years.
There certainly could have been many other possibilities. An infinite number, of course, but it is only the major ones I can consider. Some of those may have been in my control; some not. It would be sad, I think, to look back and say, “If only…” I won’t do that because the result may not have been what nostalgia would have it be.
I do know that I made some mistakes. I was too young to know better and let a good one get away. I was lacking in experience and failed in my first few businesses. I didn’t understand marriage or raising children. But I did the best I could with what I had and learned as I went. And I am confident I am better for it today. For both the successes and the failures. Perhaps that is all one can, or should, ask.
Are there regrets? Sure. A few. Not so much, surprisingly, for what I did or didn’t do. Rather for what I missed. It is especially the missed time with others that I regret the most. Sometimes it’s just been circumstance, and sometimes it’s been me, my choice, my action, my inaction. It’s not that I haven’t used the time well but it’s how I might have otherwise used that same time, in a different, equally good way.
But there are two sides to every coin. Others make choices, have made choices, too. And sometimes, for both of us, it is the conflict that results from choices made long ago, or from new choices made without remembering those wonderful moments that make us who we really are, and whom we become. All of our choices, yours and mine, affect the outcome.
Please spend the five and a half minutes or so it will consume to watch this video and then consider it’s message. Try to look at it from both sides of that coin.


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