What A Wonderful Time

What a wonderful time, the sixties. And the early seventies — when the real sixties began. You gotta love ’em. The great crooners, the classic early rock, the falsetto groups, motown, Cream, Floyd, Dylan, Airplane, Doors, Elvis, and the Beatles. The list goes on and on. Like it or don’t like it, more music, and I think more better music, came out of the 60’s and 70’s than, perhaps, any other two-decade period in the history of the world.


And I think this ol’ planet is going to have to spin a heckova lot more before it ever finds such a twenty-year spread again! Lost somewhere in the mix is a small group from Turtle Creek, PA (yeah! Turtle Creek!) called the Vogues. These four fellows, Bill Burkette, Don Miller, Hugh Geyer, and Chuck Blasko, had a few sterling hits among a field of also-rans, including this cover of the Bobby Helms classic:



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