Memories are such wonderful things. You get to go back in time to any place you once were and relive the moment. It is one of the most amazing things about the human mind.


Christine On My Mind


I’m really not sure about the year. It was sometime between 68 and 71. There was a brief interlude in my high school life where I hung out with a different group and went to a couple of parties. I can’t remember the name of the girl hosting the party, but she and Christine were fast friends at school. I had seen them everywhere together. But it was Christine who had caught my eye.


It was at a party, not long before the last time I saw her, that Christine was hanging close where ever I went. We weren’t a number or anything. We hadn’t gone out at all. I might have danced with her once or twice at a school dance. She was just there.


And it’s not that we couldn’t have got together. She was the kind of girl I liked. And she was around. No boy friend. She was part of the current group and we often shared a table at lunch. Somehow, though, it just never happened.


What I remember most about Christine was the happy smile that seemed to hide a gentle sadness. Her sweet innocence that spoke of deeper passions held in reserve. She was a story waiting to be told, if only someone would just open her book. I didn’t. And I was sorry for not taking the time, seizing the moment. It surely was my loss.


And then, one day she was there and the next she was gone. She was a foster child and something happened at the home where she was staying and she was moved. At the time I didn’t know where she had gone and, though I tried, I never found out.


But the memories stayed. I am thankful for them. She had touched my soul and was worth remembering. Even that one wild party where Christine drank way too much!



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