Just Imagine…

You are not going to believe this! I just have to share it with my friends!
I am a total, over-the-top Guy Kawasaki fan. When Michael Fountain, a friend in a facebook group I frequent, posted last week that he was going to be at a conference with Guy and be able to ask him questions, I was so envious. I’ve been telling everyone I know to read his latest book, Enchantment, and at a networking meeting on Friday, presented the book and told everyone, “Guy Kawasaki is someone I will meet, someday; I’m so enchanted with him, and his message.”
Well, today was my birthday, and I had a very special brunch with a dear friend whom I hadn’t seen for a couple years. We were at one of my favorite cafe’s in Redwood City, and totally in the zone, talking for three or four hours, oblivious to everyone around us. Our conversation came around to me pulling out my Enchantment book, and I told my friend that this was the most amazing book, had she ever heard of Guy Kawasaki? She said, “Well sort of – I’ve heard of him on Google+, Twitter.”
Then this voice, at the table right next to us, says, “Good book. I wrote it!”
Susan M. Davis and Guy KawasakiI about came unglued! It was Guy Kawasaki sitting two feet from us, working on his computer, writing his newest book, Google+! I thought I’d pass out – here was the man I’d said that I must meet, just a few days before!
We had a nice talk for 15 minutes or so, met his lovely wife, and just when we were ready to leave he said, “Let’s take a picture” – So here it is! Me on my Birthday with one of the people with whom I’m totally enchanted and who is right up there at the TOP of my list of mentors, right along with Brendon Burchard!
What a day! Oh, and he signed my book – which I didn’t even read until I got home. This is what Guy Kawasaki wrote in my Enchantment book:
“Resisting you is futile! Happy Birthday 2/28/12 Guy Kawasaki”


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