No One Knows…

My “normal” waking day runs from about noon to about 4 a.m. and then I sleep from about 4 a.m. until noon. It’s not that I’m lazy. I get a good day’s work in. I just do it on my own time. I generally don’t do mornings. Something about the early worm getting taken by the bird, I think. So why am I up writing this at nearly 5 in the morning as I am just completing the first hour of a very much less than “normal” day?


It happens sometimes. My schedule gets turned around. Sometimes it’s just “mission creep” when the need to complete a project causes my day to extend a little more, and then a lttle more, and… well, you get the idea. Sometimes it happens when I have to schedule something unusual early in what most everyone else calls their “normal” day. And sometimes I find myself working for a client six or more time zones to the east of me requiring a time shift in order to be there, digitally speaking, when they need me.


It was the latter that got me turned around this time. Diane, in the U.K., needed some help and I ended up spending more time on her project than I intended and the time just kept slipping away. So here I am, a week later, and I’m still on this crazy bed-by-10 up-by-4 routine and I can’t seep to shift it. Anyone in Australia need some tech work?


It has given me a little time to think clearly when there are no phone calls and interruptions, and I’m listening to more music as I work, which is nice. Although I like an extensive and diverse range of music I would have to say the Elvis is my all time favorite. And that got me thinking about technology. Heck, the dude was dead for 30 years when he paired up with Celine Dion for this one. What’s coming next?



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