Dan Therrell

I met Dan online several years ago when he contacted me about creating a listing template for his start-up eBay business, Cash Crab. The first line of Dan’s original email caught my attention and has stayed with me until today. Dan was, and is, an experienced communicator, consummate marketer and easy-going business professional.
That first job led to a bigger one and eventually I was building websites for his other business, Blue Mullet Web Services. Our relationship grew and our work together expanded and Dan and I were often kicking around ideas for new projects we could jointly develop. Our styles seemed to work together and ideas just naturally flowed.
Of all the people I have met over the years there are few I would consider mentors. Dan is one of those few. He has become, he is, a dear and trusted friend and someone I can turn to for advice. I know, when I ask, the answer will be sincere and entirely in my best interest. You don’t get that very often, or from very many people.
The years have gone by and our path, and our work, has diverged. We mostly work on our own, different, projects now. But each time we touch base we pick up right were we left off, ideas flow afresh, problems and issues (our own and the world’s) are solved anew. Good friends, real friends, are like that.
These days Dan teaches beginner, intermediate, and expert courses on using social media, WordPress for blogging, getting started with websites, and small business development. He also develops and sells turn-key online businesses. These are not silly niche-market “Internet Marketing” gimmicks but rather fully functional, tried and tested, real businesses featuring products and/or services which Dan has selected and developed himself.
If you’re ever in Fairhope, AL, ask for Dan Therrell. Most anyone will know him and point you in the right direction. Any advice he gives you will be sound. Any direction he points you will be a good one. You’ll never go wrong taking the time to listen to Dan.
And tell him the Rev. says, “Hi!”

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