The Darker Side Of Town

1964 – We Were So Innocent

Or Were We Really?


It was a great year, 1964. It was a leap year. I was officially a teenager. The world was a confusing place to grow up in, though. It was no longer the 50s of the Cleavers and the Nelsons and it was starting to show. The world was still reacting to the loss of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and the Gulf of Tonkin was about to become well known, but at least U.S. troops weren’t on the ground in Viet Nam. At least not officially.

CBM 8032

I came to computers early in the personal computer revolution, though I was almost 30 years old myself. It was 1979 and there I was learning BASIC on a Tandy (Radio Shack) TRS-80, one of the first “real” personal computers available. I was getting a crash course in preparation for taking up my duties as a partner, and head of technical services, in a new start up, Heart Lake Distributors. Heard of them? Probably not. One of my less profitable moves, though it was leading-edge inovative, and did lead to better things.

Old And Young Together…

Sometimes the old are impatient with the young. Time is short. They should know better. Sometimes the young are bored with the old. There’s nothing to do. Especially not that. But when two accomplished greats, an old one and a young one, bring their skills together they create nothing short of magic!


It was 1967. Songs like Happy Together (The Turtles) and Groovin (The Young Rascals) were in the top ten. It was the top half of the 60s after all, with Woodstock just two years away. Canada was 100 hears old, I was 16, and the car was 10.

The Dark Side Of The Rainbow

Many of the songs I like are ballads, most often love ballads of one sort or another. Many of the artists I follow have an excess of such songs in their repertoire. But that’s not all I listen too. Heavier groups like the Doors, Cream, Iron Butterfly, and Pink Floyd populate my “like” list, as well.