Love Songs & Memories

A Christmas Story

1983 was a strange year. Watch A Christmas Story and you will know what I mean. Our young family had recently returned to my home town of St. Catharines. Our second home there in three years was our seventh home since my first wife and I had been married. My older daughter, Anne-marie, went to Victoria School that year. It was where all the school scenes in the film were shot. Producers apparently could not find a suitable period school in the U.S. and Victoria school was about as close to the mark as could be found.

A Christmas Story - Stephen B. Henry

Spitfire vs. Mustang

1969 was a very good year. The Archies (Sugar Sugar) were at the top of the charts. Ford/Mercury was cleaning up the tracks at NASCAR; so much in fact that Richard Petty left his long tenure with MoPar in oder to get himself behind the wheel of one of those track burning modified Torino Talladegas. And I was turning 18.

In Case You’re Wondering, That’s Petty, Not Me!

There was another burner on the loose — a guy from Windsor, Ontario, named Billings ( who was burning up tracks in the sky flying Dale Robertson’s WWII Spitfire (MK923) at airshows. Billings knew a thing or two about Spits, having flown one over Normandy on D-Day.

Elusive Dreams And In Betweens

I have traveled a lot in my life. Some might say I was chasing my elusive dreams. I have moved from place to place many times. I was born in the City of St. Catharines in Ontario, Canada. It’s a large city known for many things by the locals but not so much by those afar. Perhaps it is because it is so close to Niagara Falls which tends to steal the proverbial limelight

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Few covers are ever better than the origianl. Some come close but the one you heard first always seems to stand out. Of course, many today may not know the origianls. I overheard a conversation in the grocery store the other day between two young women extolling the virtues of a popular current star and her “new” song. They didn’t seem to realize it was a cover of an oldie-but-goodie from the 60s. Oh, well, such is youth!


Memories are such wonderful things. You get to go back in time to any place you once were and relive the moment. It is one of the most amazing things about the human mind.

What A Wonderful Time

What a wonderful time, the sixties. And the early seventies — when the real sixties began. You gotta love ’em. The great crooners, the classic early rock, the falsetto groups, motown, Cream, Floyd, Dylan, Airplane, Doors, Elvis, and the Beatles. The list goes on and on. Like it or don’t like it, more music, and I think more better music, came out of the 60’s and 70’s than, perhaps, any other two-decade period in the history of the world.

Pink Shoe Laces

I’ve mentioned my older sister, Sheila, in several post here. She was, most certainly, the strongest early influence on my appreciation of music. As I’ve mentioned, she introduced me (if somewhat vicariously) to my first “grown up” music in the form of 50s and 60s rock and roll. She certainly had a big impact on my choices of music and my appreciation of it over the years. I thought it appropriate to share the following.

It’s Not The Climb…

When I was first married we moved to the small, but rapidly growing, town of Port Elgin, Ontario. Now known as Saugeen Shores, the amalgamation of Port Elgin, Southampton (where my first daughter was born), and the area surrounding the two communities, Port Elgin was then both a popular tourist destination and a bedroom community for many of the workers, both construction and operations, at the massive Bruce Nuclear electricity generating plant just to the south.

My Daughter’s Eyes

My daughter, Cass, posted on my facebook wall today and included a YouTube video of Eric Clapton’s My Father’s Eyes. When we lived close Cass and I often went out for breakfast together, sitting across from each other at a small restaurant, enjoying the food and each others’ company, and talking for hours. Occasionally we would end up having lunch, too.

What’s In A Lyric?

Long before the Dixie Chics there were the Dixie Cups. When I met her, also at that church youth group, she had a boyfriend. She was Yelana’s sister (the girl I’d been kissing in the spin the bottle thingie) and I remember her being there but that’s about all. I know I didn’t pay much attention.