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Is facebook the new World Wide Web?

Lora sometimes says I’m a dinosaur and, in the sense that I’ve been around a long time, it’s true. Hopefully, though, I have effectively survived the metaphorical meteor strikes and climate changes along my path of success, and have learned and gained a little expertise and, perhaps, wisdom along the way. Having been around a long time, I saw and participated in the Internet before it was public. I watched it’s growth when people ran CAT-5 cable along gutters to get an Internet connection to their home. I participated in some pretty crazy things to get local connectivity myself. Today I am wondering, “Is facebook the new World Wide Web”

No One Knows…

My “normal” waking day runs from about noon to about 4 a.m. and then I sleep from about 4 a.m. until noon. It’s not that I’m lazy. I get a good day’s work in. I just do it on my own time. I generally don’t do mornings. Something about the early worm getting taken by the bird, I think. So why am I up writing this at nearly 5 in the morning as I am just completing the first hour of a very much less than “normal” day?


David Pogue: Simplicity Sells

Actually raising his voice in somewhat familiar song, writer David Progue, self-professed technology nut, shows us the importance of customer support for today’s technological consumer base that stretches beyond call centers to software that is well-designed and easy to use. Using examples drawn from the best and worst interface designs, Pogue discusses how to negotiate simplicity within consumers increasing demand for features. David has a little fun at the expense of Windoze users but it nicely makes his point.


Milton Glaser: Great Design Makes Ideas New

Brought out frrom the TED archives, legendary Milton Glaser discusses his inspiration for graphic design and the process of creating a meaningful concept from both abstract and structured sources, explaining how breaking the rules can, on occasion, be a refreshing way to refurbish past ideas, concepts, presentations.


Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an Ad Man

Rory Sutherland shares how, in the design world, intangible value can be a creative and, even better, alternative to quantitative value. He asks the very interesting question, “How many problems in life can be solved by tinkering with perception instead of trying to change reality?” From how the world learned to love potatoes to the democratic nature of Coca-Cola, he shows the power of persuasive technology. Creatives can take a lesson here. God, I miss Canada!

Don Norman: Good Design Makes you Happy

Explaining how pleasant things work better, and how happiness leads to better creativity and better problem-solving, Don Norman delves into the three emotional cues a well-designed product will evoke.


Stefan Sagmeister: Happiness by Design

Stefan Sagmeister takes the audience on a journey from small posters in the Subway to breathtaking architecture, teaching us how design brings joy to the public at large. Through the weaving of personal happiness into his design, Sagmeister offers us an uplifting glance into his creative process and how we can embrace this in order to reflected positivity into the world.


Mike Matas: A Next-generation Digital Book

Demonstrating the first full-length interactive book: Al Gore’s “Our Choice”, Mike Matas shows us the iPad version. Combined with the written text is an hour of documentary footage, interactive graphics, audio and maps. This book introduce new concepts of illustrative art and offers new ways to interact with and organize data to share documentary content, non-fiction works, and fictional stories.