The American Resolution

The new year is coming up fast and may people will be making resolutions, those promises we make to ourselves knowing we are unlikely to keep them. A lot of those promises will have to do with weight loss, especially after the excessive eating we have all done over the holiday season. Some will turn to fad diets, some will choose starvation. Some will try to follow some sort of healthy eating plan. It is, however, hard to pick the right foods and, even if you do, it is often difficult to find, or afford, them. The corporate food industry has taken over the marketplace and has built an industry on sugar and high fructose corn syrup based on government sanctioned lies.

La Dolce Vita

I don’t seem to recommend too many books that would be classed as love stories though I do read them from time to time. I guess, in part, it’s because there are few really good ones. Oh, there’s lots of sappy ones, and tear-jerker ones, and many with bits and pieces that speak to you through the heart. But the really great ones that rise to the top like cream in the country milk bottle, well, they’re just rare. This is one of those rare ones and it’s worth the price of admission!

Wiz’s Guide To Successful Online Freelancing

My third book for Kindle on Amazon when “live” this morning. The Wiz’s Guide To Successful Online Freelancing (Wiz’s Guides) isn’t a huge book but it is loaded with ideas, resources, and tools to help you make up your mind about freelancing and, if you so choose, take your first steps along the right path.

Tom Corson-Knowles

Tom Corson-Knowles is an accomplished author with nearly two dozen books on Amazon. He has written about things as far ranging as diet smoothies and making money with Twitter. His recent series about writing and publishing for the Kindle platform, including The Kindle Writing Bible: How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book From Start To Finish (Kindle Bible), The Kindle Formatting Bible: How To Format Your Ebook For Kindle Using Microsoft Word (Publishing And Marketing Tips Included For PC) (Kindle Bible), The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks on Amazon, and The Amazon Analytics Bible: How To Use Analytics To Sell More Books On Amazon And Make Better Marketing Decisions (Kindle Bible), is a collection worth having for any author who expects to publish for the Amazon Kindle reading device at some point.

Good to Great to Gone

In his excellent book, Good to Great to Gone: The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City Alan Wurtzel, the son of Circuit City founder Sam Wurtzel, provides the insider view of how Circuit City went from a Mom and Pop store start-up with a mere $13,000 investment, to the best performing Fortune 500 Company for any 15-year period between 1965 and 1995, and then ultimately to bankruptcy and liquidation in 2009.

Kindle eBook Formatting

Publishing for the Kindle isn’t really that hard. I’ve done it. Twice. And it does get easier with practice. The difficult part is getting your book formatted. In fact, that’s really not so hard either, but it is different. Different enough that some people back away from the project without ever getting their ebook on Amazon. And that’s a foolish result, especially considering this resource that makes it all so very easy.

The Widowers’ Manual

It is not often that I recommend a book that is not either technical or specifically self-help. This one is simply too outstanding to be overlooked.
This is the story of a journey of deliverance and rediscovery that is both a guide book for those in a similar situation and an inspiration to anyone who takes the time to read it.
As Wouter worked his way up and out of his personal despair and found new life in helping others, so you can overcome the worst that holds you back, keeps you down, destroys your will to move forward. This is an incredible read!

The Future Is Now!

In the mid-80s I read a book by the brilliantly accurate American futurist, Alvin Toffler. The Third Wave changed the way I looked at things and changed my life forever. Armed with a keen desire to ride that wave into the future, 1989 found me online with a 1200 baud modem attached to my Commodore 128 computer riding the digital pathways of TymeNET and QuantumLink. Not long afterwards I built my own destination, that grew into the multiline bulletin board system (BBS), AMBASSADOR BOARD. I embraced the Internet, first through its early incarnations, ARPAnet and NSFnet and, later, when it became public, though Archie and Veronica and Gopher. When the World Wide Web was unveiled in 1993 I jumped on board and have been riding its unparalleled growth ever since.

The Facts, M’am, Just The Facts

Is This Thing On?
When working with clients on a variety of technical topics and issues, the number one problem I encounter is they just don’t know the basics. They don’t know about file types or what an operating system is, let alone which one they have. They are up to their neck in programs and utilities without knowing how to copy and paste or what actually goes on when they save a file. Online they are trying to purchase a domain name with no idea about all they are offered and, as a result, end up spending tens, and sometimes hundreds, of dollars on services they really don’t need. It’s all about the basics!

Seth Godin’s Book List

In his first “Book List of 2012”, Seth Godin offers a short list of just eight books. Godin’s discerning eye selects not only the wheat from the chaff, this is the veritable bran. With the explosion of digital publishing and the dominance of the Kindle reader in the marketplace, Godin’s list provides eight pieces of gold. I’ve reproduced it with links below.